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What are additional services?

An additional service is an offer to the customer by the supplier for the payment and performance of an additional service that was not required in the original order. Examples of additional services that suppliers can offer their customers include expedited shipping, moving the order to front-of-queue, additional packaging requirements, increase quantities, higher resolution or infill for 3D printing, thermal hardening for CNC manufacturing, repairing/modifying files, change of materials/colors, painting, and more.

The customer can either accept or decline an additional service offered for their order. We recommend discussing all additional services with the customer first before making the offer to ensure the customer understands why they are being charged for the additional service. The customer officially accepts an additional service after payment. After the payment for an additional service has been made, it becomes a binding agreement and forms part of the original order.

Please note that additional services should not begin until the customer has accepted and paid the amount specified in the offer.

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