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Affiliate Reward Program

Join our affiliate reward program and start earning money for referrals

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Why Treatstock?

Treatstock has an affiliate program where we reward affiliates for referring customers that place an order on our platform. To join our affiliate program and start earning rewards, contact us.

Affiliate rewards for orders

Rewards for Orders

When a referral visits Treatstock and places an order on our site, provided that order is not canceled or refunded, you as an affiliate will receive a reward.

Affiliate cabinet

Affiliate Cabinet

We provide all our affiliates with an easy-to-use cabinet in their profile dashboard that displays the resources, users information, and rewards for the affiliate partnership.

Affiliate tracking

Tracking Referrals

We have implemented a tracking system for our affiliate program where we can detect referrals of our affiliates for a period of up to six months. This can be particularly useful when the referral does not place an order the first time they visit our site.

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What our partners are saying

"Being a Treatstock affiliate opened up new possibilities for my visitors, and it can be seen in both traffic and feedback. The communication with the guys over at Treatstock is great - they are always helpful, always listening, and provided solutions to all the issues I had. In all honesty, it’s been a real pleasure working with them!"

"Treatstock is great to work with and has allowed Yeggi to provide its users with access to high-quality and fast-working manufacturers."

"Thanks to the affiliate partnership with Treatstock, our users can now find a design from our repository and get it 3D printed in next to no time. They've made placing an order fun and easy to do, and the best part is we get paid for every order made by our referral for up to six months."

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