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About Your 3D Metal & Plastic Printing/Additive Manufacturing And Mold Building Solutions Provider

We are professional team in Additive manufacturing/3D metal printing/Rapid MFG and plastic and die casting mold building in China, is there any chance that you are having one of your ongoing projects which is suffering from warping/cosmetic or dimensional issues? If yes, could you please kindly give us a chance to service you? We can help you to build mold with conformal cooling inserts which are made by additive manufacturing/3D metal printing, the mold temperature will be well controlled in this way and the warping and dimensional issues will be improved, most importantly is that your cycle time will also be shortened to increase daily output for your production, you are welcome to find more details in attached profile.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Metal & Plastic Printing
Our 3D printing & Rapid MFG capacity on plastic, mold steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, Bronze, Ceramics, Pure titanium on medical domain some like Teeth & Bone, etc.

Injection & Die casting Mold Building & Designing/Manufacturing
1. Competitive price.
2. Professional DFM.
3. Excellent mold Design.
4. Spotting validation.
5. Science processing for mold trial & validation for production.
6. We build specific molds like Tandem mold, Stack mold, Gas assistant mold, 2K & 3K over molds or operation with baby plus, Most molds built for Automotive Tie one company.

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Shenzhen, Guangdong, CN


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