About Solveering LLC

Solveering LLC is a small business that grew from providing Engineering Services related to thermal and fluid simulation to the aerospace to a full stack engineering support company providing CAD design and modification services, simulation and analysis capabilities (Linear Structural FEA, Rigid Motion & Motion induced structural FEA, conjugate thermal-fluid simulation on small through very large domains, 1D system modeling) through to prototyping using a variety of tools and equipment (3D Printing using FDM and SLA, low power laser cutting, 3&4 axis CNC milling, PCB Design, manufacturing and SMD assembly, embedded system development and programming).
As our capabilities are far reaching, the best way to evaluate our capabilities is by requesting more information about a specific project or task that you are considering. We are always looking forward to providing feedback and ideas about ways we can help you with your projects.
Ownership Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Total Employees <10
Year established 2009
Annual turnover ($) 80000


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