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Do you own a 3D printer, CNC or Cutting machine?

Start your service and receive orders to print 3D models, CAD files and cutting service.

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Register your print service and join our global 3D printing network on Treatstock.

Why Treatstock?

No Transaction Fees

You as a service pay a 0% transaction fee on payouts for your orders.

Financial Security

Customers pay for orders using our online payment system, giving you the financial security to know that you will be paid for your work.

Order Receipts

All orders come with receipts in the form of e-statements which can be downloaded by your customers.

Save Time

Orders are processed automatically and all communication is only with paying customers, allowing you to save time.

Save Money

The automated process of the widget allows your business to run more efficiently.

Price Calculation

Customers will have access to fast and accurate information about the cost of printing their 3D model with your print service.

Instant Orders

Orders and payments are made directly through the widget without the need for emails, phone calls or confirmations.

Customer Tools

Customers can upload and view their files as a 3D render in different materials, colors and sizes to gain a better understanding of what they want to order.

Multiple Formats

Various formats of 3D models are supported, including the most popular - STL and PLY.

Range of Technologies

Our website works with a wide range of technologies including all your 3D printers.

Promotional Tool

Your current and potential customers will get the latest information about your print service and your professional achievements.

What Print Services are Saying

Ed's Printing PS

Edward Fries

"I have had a wonderful experience printing on Treatstock! I average about 3-4 print jobs per week and their support services have been very helpful when I have had issues printing a model. Most importantly, what I earn for my services goes directly into my Treastock account. There are never any extra service fees from Treastock, my earnings are mine!"

Jwcproductions PS

Jim Carter

"Treatstock is great to deal with and have lots of great local printers! The registration process is much better than the competitors out there and I also like that there is a "Pro" level of printer certification."


Dylan Wallis

"I like the fact that can connect my print service with customers all over the world, from just a few states away to other countries."

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