carrier stress.jpgChassis 2017 R3 - with diffuser final design 2.JPGExample Pic 3.jpgExample Pic 7.jpgHelicopter Gearbox v19 (3).pngHelicopter Gearbox v19(2).pngHousing strain.jpg
Service rate / piece
Min. order 1 piece


  • Creation of geometry frame wire
  • 3D modeling parametric feature based, solid modeling
  • The automated design of assemblies, which are collecting coins and / or other assemblies
  • Validation / verification of designs against specifications and design rules
  • Bi-directional parametric association (modification of any element is reflected in all the information based on this function, drawings, mass properties, assemblies, etc.)
  • Interference and clearance checking of assemblies plate
  • The inclusion of programming code in a model of control and are the desired attributes of the model
  • 3D models / assemblies of 2D detail / sets
  • 3D rendering of manufacturing drawings full
  • 3D section views
  • 3D exploded views Assembly
  • 3D models using the methodology of reverse engineering

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